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Globalisation and the World after Mubarak & Gaddafi
Bukar Usman
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Order Code: KB214

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Globalisation and the World after Mubarak and Gaddafi is a collection of two topical articles by Dr Bukar Usman and the response of readers to the issues raised by the articles. The first article, from where the book derived its title, is "Globalisation and the World after Mubarak and Gaddafi". This article captures the tumultuous events which erupted in the Middle East in 2010 and led to the ouster of Tunisia's Ben Ali, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and Libya's Muamar Gaddafi; and provoked massive revolts throughout the Middle East. The second article, "Traps in Sovereign Wealth Fund" argues against Nigerian government's establishment of foreign-managed sovereign wealth fund because of possible future sabotage of the scheme by its foreign custodians. The manipulative tendencies and schemes of the Western world in their dealings with developing countries underline the author's examination of the issues raised in both articles and the responses from his readers and other commentators.