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Folklore and History
Bukar Usman
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Folklore and History: Twin Rivers of World Heritage is a scholarly overview of the impact of folklore across several continents. This slim volume matches the folklore traditions of the Babur-Bura in north-eastern Nigeria with those of other countries, including the U.S, UK, Croatia, Jamaica, China and Sri Lanka. It not only shows that folklore is a worldwide oral tradition whose roots could be empirically traced in history but makes a synoptic case for creativity in the re-telling of tales

Current studies in oral literature - or what the Ugandan Scholar, Pio Zirimu, termed orature - have underscored the fundamental role folktales play as the earliest school of the child in many African communities. Folktales are told both for their thrilling entertainment worth and for their educational value which further enriches the child's appreciation of the culture and history of his community and those of others. Dr Usman presents folklore as a treasured world tradition and urges that deeper research should be conducted into it with the same vigour archeologists dig deep into the past. After all, he construes, history and folklore are interconnected rivers that flow into the same sea.